Time is fickle thing: temporary, agonising, quicker than the blink of an eye and yet, some of us seem to waste it.┬áSome of us are productive in how we use it to achieve our goals and reinforce our values, and for a god-forsaken-reason, some (like myself, unfortunately) waste it in being impassively idle in standing still in it. (I’d like to think one day I would be in the former category, but I stumble.)

This is the problem. You see if time stood still imagine what we could discover, the possibilities to save relationships, lives, find seemingly unfathomable human philosophical unknowns, stop tragic and violent atrocities.. But alas we cannot. This is just a person’s delirium in daydreaming you see, and this cannot (yet – I’m hoping someday this could, although would probably be intellectually and internationally dangerous but in theory could be intriguing) happen. So until then, the underlying goal of using time should be to utilise the possibilities of it. Imagine what you could do in a day think about it for a second, there are 7-8 billion people living the exact same day on this earth. Isn’t that something to be in awe of? And just think you might be asleep as someone is making a tomato and cheese on rye (which is delicious), or having a child, having sex, OR saving someone from suicide, giving blood, operating in surgery to try and give someone a better quality of life.

The downside to time is the lack of it, the pain that time can cause and the feeling that it can elongate tragic experiences. Personally, I have had to deal with something that has emotionally effected a great deal of my beliefs and internalised experiences. I can tell you what it is like to hear someone screaming at something at the midnight, seeing them terrified at something that is not there. It is something that is both deeply concerning and heartbreaking, also seeing someone punching through walls, and internalising these feelings until nullity is your only relief.

Time should not be the barrier to living, but it is. It is a reminder that time is against us, a battle each day to complete everything we should set out to do, everyone we should meet, values we should hold as integral to our being; because truthfully, everyone in the world is living for the same basic thing – to survive and to be able to live.



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