spirited away quote



This is the start.

This is the start of living, of clenching life with both hands and feeling alive with everything that comes with that. It is the beginning of remembering pain and strength and resilience.

Each year everyone makes new years resolutions but I think (with high accuracy) not everyone keeps them. Whether they are relatively simple ones such as making time to organise the house more or their lives, to earn more financially and work toward achieving those goals or something potentially more complicated like cleansing their mind and organising themselves in this stage and current point in their life.

Or at least this it the intention.
Don’t you think?
Doesn’t everyone think that when bringing in the new year?

New life. New routines. New habits. New choices. New existences.
But sometimes it doesn’t work out that way. We find old habits creeping in, navigating our discreetly shifted mindsets and newly found promises to change 1,2,3 and then seep into how we’d like to change. Finding ourselves perplexed revelling in old routines, vices, habits, that we’d aim to resolve.

Anyway, let’s hope despite these realistically pessimistic thoughts do not actuate in our lives and cause the downfall of our optimistic idealism in reaching our resolutions.

Here’s to 2017. A new year.

– A.T.